DSEi Exhibition a great success - Hovercraft

The DSEi Exhibition in London has been a great success, and we are happy to report confirmed orders from two new dealers assigned to specifically target the military, police, rescue and coastguard patrol. There are many requests for quotations in the sales pipeline so more orders are expected to be confirmed. Several enquiries were for multiple units, (one for 18 hovercraft). The DSEi Show Daily profiled the Hov Pod SPX TCC + during the show pointing out that for the cost of one military hovercraft, many Hov Pod SPX TCC + can be purchased. Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, it is easy to illustrate by graph, how for the cost of one larger military hovercraft, 10 or more Hov Pod SPX TCC + craft can carry more payload and manpower to provide better coastal patrol coverage. The Hov Pod SPX TCC + is easy to operate, transport and maintain, and requires no specialist pilots or engineers.

As a result of DSEi, Hov Pod is now scheduled to appear at a number of new military exhibitions around the world, further raising the profile of the Hov Pod SPX TCC +. 

Future development of the Hov Pod SPX TCC + will widen it's application; a number of specialist suppliers showed interest in developing a number of possible applications. 

For further information, please visit  http://www.patrolhovercraft.com/ or www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

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The last year has been a very busy year for us.

It is now 36 months since the product launch of the SPX model, and as we look back, this product has been an amazing success. The Hov Pod SPX 120HP Turbo charged hovercraft is proving very popular with commercial, rescue and military customers.

With so much going on with shipments, filming and general Hov Pod news their is only so much we can squeeze on a few pages, so below we show just some of the key developments and other things going.

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50th Hovercraft Anniversary

50th Hovercraft Anniversary

Hov Pod Rescues kayaker

Hov Pod Rescues kayaker