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SuperYacht Toys for Bigger Boys

Elite Travellers SuperYachts Summer Edition 2012 profiled the Hov Pod Hovercraft SPX TCC + 120HP Turbo under the special features "Toys for Boys" which provides information on all the fantastic toys available to owners of luxury SuperYachts.

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Hovercraft YouTube Success

We received notification from YouTube that our video channel has achieved over one million views! That is a lot of people, so thanks for your support and interest.

Our oldest video has received over 550,000 views, so in case you were one of the visitors that missed this video, please take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp9q_2uIk-M

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Hovercraft in choice of colours

This image, taken in the final assembly section of the Hov Pod hovercraft factory, shows the four standard colours available, Red, Blue, Teal and Yellow. We can provide other colours to include Rescue Orange, Military Desert Sand, Lime, Purple or Pink.

We take this opportunity to wish all customers and fans a very happy Christmas and splendid New Year, happy hovering!

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Hovercraft in Tanzania

We ship Hov Pod Hovercraft to many different parts of the world, to customers who use hovercraft for all sorts of different applications, from leisure, commercial, rescue to military patrol. This image was kindly sent to us from a customer showing the Hov Pod Hovercraft in operation in Tanzania - if you own a Hov Pod, please send us your images - perhaps we should use the best ones to create a calendar!

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Recent Sale of Hovercraft West Africa

Following a recent contract for patrol hovercrafts in West Africa, our MD Peter Ward visited the region to provide initial training/operational advice on a training variant of the Hov Pod SPX ATDH, and attracted a great deal of interest. Hov Pod recently introduced a new range of patrol hovercraft at the DSEi Exhibition in London which resulted in a number of new sales and dealer appointments. 

The new Hov Pod ATDH SPX TCC + Patrol Hovercraft is easier to drive than most hovercraft, so no specialist pilots or engineers are required. The Hov Pod ATDH SPX TCC + Patrol Hovercraft is ideal for border patrol, and for the price of one large hovercraft, the same budget can purchase perhaps 10 or 20 smaller Hov Pods for better defence coverage. 

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Rescue Hovercraft for Thailand to help with flooding

Following the recent DSEi Exhibition, Hov Pod has assigned a new dealer in Thailand and will immediately arrange for urgent air shipment of a Hov Pod TCC+ Rescue Hovercraft to assist with the recent flooding following heavier than normal monsoon rains. The dealer's staff flew to Southampton for training, and plan to order a regular order of 3 Hovercraft per month.

Hovercraft are more economical than helicopters in flooding emergencies, and can deliver food, water and medicines to where needed. The unique Hov Pod TCC+ Rescue Hovercraft is manufactured from HDPE, so far stronger and more buoyant than other hovercraft, and Hov Pod offer better delivery times to respond to civic emergencies. 

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DSEi Exhibition a great success - Hovercraft

The DSEi Exhibition in London has been a great success, and we are happy to report confirmed orders from two new dealers assigned to specifically target the military, police, rescue and coastguard patrol. There are many requests for quotations in the sales pipeline so more orders are expected to be confirmed. Several enquiries were for multiple units, (one for 18 hovercraft). The DSEi Show Daily profiled the Hov Pod SPX TCC + during the show pointing out that for the cost of one military hovercraft, many Hov Pod SPX TCC + can be purchased. Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, it is easy to illustrate by graph, how for the cost of one larger military hovercraft, 10 or more Hov Pod SPX TCC + craft can carry more payload and manpower to provide better coastal patrol coverage. The Hov Pod SPX TCC + is easy to operate, transport and maintain, and requires no specialist pilots or engineers.

As a result of DSEi, Hov Pod is now scheduled to appear at a number of new military exhibitions around the world, further raising the profile of the Hov Pod SPX TCC +. 

Future development of the Hov Pod SPX TCC + will widen it's application; a number of specialist suppliers showed interest in developing a number of possible applications. 

For further information, please visit  http://www.patrolhovercraft.com/ or www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

DSEi - Hovercraft

Hov Pod Hovercraft at DSEi Stand N7-471

Hov Pod Hovercraft will be attending the DSEi Show for the first time this year, and will be demonstrating their range of hovercraft suitable for a wide range of defence applications.

The unique Hov Pod Hovercraft design overcomes a number of problems that hovercraft face.

Easy to transport

In civil emergencies, for example flooding, rivers can overflow and damage roads and bridges, and larger hovercraft are often positioned in the wrong place at the wrong time. The small
Hov Pod hovercraft can easily be airlifted to provide help where and when required.

Easy to use

Manufactured from HDPE, the Hov Pod Hovercraft is extremely easy to operate, so no specialist pilots or engineers are required.

Wider patrol area capability

Defending river, lake and coastal areas, the low cost of the Hov Pod Hovercraft compared to larger hovercraft means that for the same budget, perhaps 10 or 20 smaller hovercraft can be deployed for the cost of one larger hovercraft – this obviously provides greater defence capability for border control, and can strengthen defence against smugglers.

Locating UXO

The Hov Pod Hovercraft has been supplied for locating UXO – by configuring with survey equipment and GPS mapping software, a small hovercraft can scan an area and provide a map showing where UXO is sited, to enable specialist teams to more quickly, and cheaply clear hazards from an area.

For more information, please visit http://www.patrolhovercraft.com/ or visit the Hov Pod team at stand N7-471

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

Hovercraft in Seattle

Image shows Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo Hovercraft being lifted on to customer's boat dock near Seattle. We are selling increasing numbers of hovercraft to the USA and Canada as a result of our customer referral scheme, whereby every customer can elect to promote the Hov Pod as part of our marketing team. Word of mouth recommendations are the best form of advertising, and the Hov Pod is a bit of a exhibitionist, it loves to show off what it can do.

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Hovercraft Training

Our 3 part modular hovercraft training course took place last week in Southampton, UK. We provide three training modules, to cover hovercraft operation on land and water, preventative maintenance, and full maintenance training. These training courses are proving to be very popular. Delegates are put through a structured course to achieve specific objectives, and receive certification to confirm that they have reached the required standard.

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New Hovercraft Options

Hovercraft Options
The next Hov Pod Hovercraft to ship has integrated VHF radio option, shown here in rescue hovercraft orange for high visibility. 

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

Latest Hov Pod Hovercraft Shipments

Latest hovercraft shipments have included two Hov Pods supplied to the Argentinean Coastguard for patrol operations. These craft were configured with the 120HP Turbo powered Weber Automotive engine which is proving to be very popular with commercial customers who rate the 325 Kgs payload capability of the Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo. The payload per Kg is up to 4 times less expensive than competitive models, as illustrated by the Hov Pod Payload Comparator (available upon request). Other factors making this model popular include it's ease of use and ease of maintenance, and ability to ship and transport easily on standard car trailer.

Another Hov Pod Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo was also supplied to a goldmine in Tanzania for survey work in a dam - hovercraft are proving their worth in a variety of different applications.

We recently received  an order for two of the same model for SuperYacht use. Based on recently published statistics Hov Pod now outsell every other hovercraft manufcturer thanks to our design approach, and hull manufacturing process.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

Hov Pod Hovercraft attending Sea Work Exhibition - Southampton

Please come along and meet us at the forthcoming Sea Work Exhibition June 14th to 16th which will be held in Southampton UK. Meet us at stand Q31, to see the Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo Hovercraft, ideal for commercial, rescue, patrol, rental, leisure and SuperYacht tender applications.We look forward to explain just how tough the unique HDPE hull and polyurethane / nylon hovercraft skirts are. The Hov Pod is very easy to use and maintain, no specialist pilot training or specialist engineers required. Use our payload comparator to compare price and performance.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

How to compare Hovercraft?

Many commercial hovercraft customers seem confused about payload capability when comparing different hovercraft on the market, so we have created an excel comparison chart to allow like-for-like comparisons.
The payload comparator compares hovercraft on their cost and payload capacity on water - and graphs results to show quickly how different hovercraft compare. If you would like a copy, please contact us. For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com or http://www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

Large Hovercraft Shipment to Saudi Arabia - 7 Hovercraft

This week we shipped  7 hovercraft  to our newly appointed dealer in Saudi Arabia. The Hov Pod was selected for a wide range of applications ranging from leisure to oil exploration, ground survey, rescue and patrol.

The unique HDPE hovercraft hull construction provides better durability and buoyancy than conventional manufacturing methods. The consignment consisted of the Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP with Rotax 582 engine, and the new Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo powered model with Weber Automotive engine.

The HDPE approach provide large manufacturing output to meet customer delivery times - sales are increasing as a result.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft to reach holiday cabins over ice

Hovercraft to reach winter cabins over ice.
One of our latest customers, Bjorn, provides holiday cabin maintenance for his customers in Norway. He selected the Hov Pod Hovercraft to fly over the ice and snow to reach cabins in a fraction of the time. The HDPE Hovercraft Hull does not crack like thin glass fibre hulls - an important safety feature for those who venture out over the ice. 

Bjorn is expanding his business to reach a wider area of homes - with speeds up to 40 miles per hour, he can quickly reach remote areas. The Hov Pod Hovercraft can fly over any flat surface including water, so there is no fear of breaking through the ice as warmer weather thins ice - each year a number of snowmobilers succumb to hypothermia. There is no propeller to snag on underwater obstructions. Many rescue organisations now select the Hov Pod for recovering victims who fall through the ice - the HDPE hull is extremely strong and highly buoyant.     

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft - New Teal Hull at BBC TV

We visited the BBC TV Studios in London yesterday for filming - the new Teal Hull colour hull looks quite stunning - lots of appreciative looks from motorists as we drove through the streets of London.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft for Norway - Winter Use

Our latest shipment will assist our customer Bjorn to reach holiday homes in winter to carry out routine maintenance for his customers. Bjorn visited us with his engineer brother in law to see for himself how the HDPE hull and polyurethane / nylon skirts might stand up to a Norweigen winter. Recently in USA, 3 people almost died of hypothermia when their glass fibre hull cracked on the ice and allowed freezing water to flood the air chambers and cause water ingression - the Hov Pod is made of stronger hull and skirts. Bjorn is so delighted with the Hov Pod, he has agreed to become a customer referrer to promote the Hov Pod in Norway through his own website - http://www.hovercraftnorge.no   - word of mouth endorsement is the best form of advertising.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft use in UXO Detection.

As a legacy of the Iraq / Iran war, large areas were covered with unexploded ordnance. As these weapons deteriate, they become less stable. Cleaning up the mess after a war costs billions of dollars - it is estimated that for every UXO located, it costs $1000 - and unfortuanately, quite a few lives and limbs. We contacted a few ground survey companies to suggest use of the Hov Pod Hovercraft as a large metal detector. The HDPE hull is easy to fit detection equipment. First we attach magnetometers, and then GPS mapping, to plot results. Very quickly, operatives can scan a large area to record tracks where UXO might be located. Engineers then use these GPS maps to quickly identify potential threats. Using these methods, the Hov Pod can also find mineral deposits, ancient sites, oil, gold, treasure.  For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft for Scottish Castle

We recently supplied a Hov Pod Hovercraft to the owner of this splendid castle in Scotland. One of the advantages of owning a castle on your own island is fewer neighbours whereas one of the disadvantages is access at low tide - Hov Pods are happy over any flat surface.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

New Dealer Appointment - Saudi Arabia

Reaction International Ltd, manufacturers of the Hov Pod range of hovercraft based in Southampton, UK,  are proud to announce the appointment of Emarat Arabia Co as their new dealer in Saudi Arabia. As part of the agreement,  Emarat Arabia Co have purchased a large consignment of hovercraft for stock and demonstration purposes. We have received many enquiries from Saudi Arabia in the past, for leisure, commercial, rescue and patrol applications, and we look forward to more sales as a result of this recent appointment. 

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hovercraft - the only way to fly home for Christmas

News is Santa is using a hovercraft to fly home this year
For those unable to fly home or get back to the UK for Christmas, latest news is that Santa Claus has ditched the reindeer in favour of a hovercraft - it just flies a little lower so less hassles with runways.

All the more ironic because our MD is stuck in Dubai providing hovercraft training and needs to fly back to Heathrow tomorrow.  

Happy Christmas!

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

How its Made

The popular Discovery Channel show "How it's Made" features a look inside how leading manufacturers assemble their prodcuts. The show over the years has focused on a wide range of manufactured items,

After extensive research for market leaders in manufacture of small hovercraft the makers of the "How it's Made" selected Hov Pod to be featured in its latest series. With a look inside the craft and how it is assembled they took a look at the cutting edge technology and processes incorporated into the craft. The program also took a look at the advantages of a HDPE high durability hull and the unique anti rip weave fabric used in the skirts.

For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Hov Pod at Monaco Yacht Show on SuperYacht Exuma

We are very proud to announce that the Hov Pod Hovercraft will appear at the Monaco Yacht show 22nd to 25th September aboard the fabulous SuperYacht Exuma

The 50m superyacht Exuma represents the first of three units sold by the Perini Navi Group under the Picchiotti brand. Exuma was conceived and created with a strong aptitude for exploration in mind, and has the capability of stowing large amounts of equipment on board to allow exploring the most beautiful and remote areas of the world. These include an amphibious 16.4 ft vehicle, completely customised with Iveco Campagnola mechanical components and frame, a Hov Pod 12 ft hovercraft housed inside the two fore lateral garages with gull-wing door openings, two tenders, respectively measuring 21 ft and 14 ft, two electric land scooters, two Seabobs and a Sea-Doo RXT 250 jet ski. The SuperYacht is also equipped with diving areas and equipment.

For further information, please visit http://www.hovpod.com/ and http://hovpod-news.blogspot.com/

Another Hov Pod SPX 120HP Turbo Hovercraft tender for SuperYacht

We recently supplied a Hov Pod SPX 120HP Turbo charged hovercraft for use on a customer's SuperYacht. The Exuma yacht is the first 50-metre Picchiotti motor yacht to be designed and built by Perini Navi Group based in Italy.

Hovercraft Charity Event

On Saturday 21 February 2009, Warren Secker of Hov Pod Hovercraft Australia, and his family, ran free rides on the Hov Pod, in exchange for a donation to the Victoria Bushfire Appeal.

Take a look at the great images - photos from the event

The Hov Pod flew for almost five hours from 9:30am, in perfect conditions, with no wind and mirror like water, stopping only for fuel. Over 100 smiling people, ranging from an 18 month old little girl to a couple in their 70's had the opportunity to fly across the sand and over the crystal clear water in Raby Bay, experiencing slides and 360 degree spins. Some people even donated twice so they could experience it a second time.

Warren and his family would like to thank the wonderful people who attended, as without their kindness and generosity, they would not have been able to raise almost $600 for the cause.

Hov Pod Hovercraft - Australian Bush Fires Appeal

With the tragic and devastating loss of lives and property caused by the worst Bush Fires in Australia's History, we all have to do our bit to help these people rebuild their lives.

The Friends of the Hovercraft Australia would like to offer Hov Pod Hovercraft rides for you and your friends in exchange for a donation to the Victorian Bushfire Survivors.

All proceeds will be donated.

Bring your friends and family.

Please note - the venue has changed to the following location:

Brisbane - Raby Bay, Cleveland, 4163, Masthead Drive, Raby Bay, Australia

Google Map Reference - http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Masthead+Drive%2C+Raby+Bay%2C+Australia

ABOUT THE VENUE: Raby Bay beaches are popular with visitors who enjoy relaxing in the sun by the bay. The foreshore parks and sandy beaches are perfect for picnics, or for relaxing after a meal at the nearby eateries and restaurants at the Raby Bay Harbour boardwalk.

Time and Place
Date: 21 February 2009
Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Contact Info Call Warren on Phone:0466521674
Email: warren@hovpodhovercraft.com.au

About the Hovercraft: http://www.hovpodhovercraft.com.au

If you are on FaceBook, search for

FaceBook Host :Friends Of The Hovercraft Australia
FaceBook Event Type: Causes - Fundraiser

Hov Pod at Harrods

We are extremely proud that Hov Pod has been chosen by Harrods for their prestigious Sports and Leisure Department. This accolade confirms the Hov Pod claim that it is the best personal leisure Hovercraft currently available. The Harrods management team are extremely discerning about the products displayed in their store - only the best products are selected. When you're next in London why not visit the Sports and Leisure Department in Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge and ask for details.

Year of the Hovercraft 2009

2009 is the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Hovercraft prototype, the SRN1 which was constructed on the Isle of Wight in the UK by Saunders Roe.

Sir Christopher Cockerell began work on his greatest invention in 1953, testing his theory with a hair dryer and tin cans. It took dedication and many years of hard work for him to finance from his own funds, the development of his first working model constructed from balsa wood in 1955, the year in which he first patented the hovercraft.

The SRN1 was capable of carrying 4 men at a speed of 28 miles per hour. It made a successful crossing of the English Channel on 25th July 1959.

50 years on, there have been many improvements and developments.The hovercraft we see today are very different from the original design; however, without the imagination, dedication of Sir Christopher, a great many people would not be where they are today. Not only has Sir Christopher created a growing industry of manufacturers, his invention has saved a good many lives from floods, mud and icy lakes.

Three cheers for Sir Christopher Cockerell!

About this news page

The last year has been a very busy year for us.

It is now 36 months since the product launch of the SPX model, and as we look back, this product has been an amazing success. The Hov Pod SPX 120HP Turbo charged hovercraft is proving very popular with commercial, rescue and military customers.

With so much going on with shipments, filming and general Hov Pod news their is only so much we can squeeze on a few pages, so below we show just some of the key developments and other things going.

From this page you can also use the quick links to see some of the news stories from the Media, or find out about a few of the latest craft to leave the Hov Pod factory.

50th Hovercraft Anniversary

50th Hovercraft Anniversary

Hov Pod Rescues kayaker

Hov Pod Rescues kayaker